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Jason H

"I have not purchased from you before but I want to more.

The main reason is very rarely do you see someone with the balls and the guts to not try to encrypt everything to the hills when it costs near nothing (or depending on what you use) to de-ioncube the stuff other people put out. I give WHMCS my business because I have no other real choice but for add-ons I could pick without being forced and that is why you are now who I plan to buy through when I see something you sell and I need.

I just want you to know that is the very reason I spent the money to purchase from you instead of trying to put it together myself is because you used your brain not your wallet to make decisions.

Thank YOU for all of your help and true dedication to software and the "essence" of what it really is and I look forward to purchasing more soon!"

Written: November 2013

Adam R

"I have had custom development work performed by Josh over the last 3 years, the level of commitment along with the amount of time he has spent helping perfect my requirements.. It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with Josh as he has always gone above and beyond!"

Written: March 2014


"Great Service and Support, very fast responses to all requests !! THANKS - FIVE STARS*****"

Written: March 2014

Ross K

"I just wanted to drop you guys a quick mail to let you know how pleased we are with the Vendor software. We've just recently issued our 1,000th key with Vendor, which means we've used your software to put through about $35,000 of revenue. The fact is, we've purchased quite a few different bits and pieces for WHMCS and absolutely none of them have been anywhere near the quality of Vendor and I certainly wouldn't trust them to be responsible for such a large revenue stream. Thankfully, I have complete confidence in Vendor and it will undoubtedly continue to serve us well as our business grows. When we started out, were not in a position to pay thousands of dollars in development costs. Because of your pricing, you've let us grow a business we may not have otherwise been able to get off the ground. It's also great to see you're a fellow UK business! Thank you and I look forward to seeing what else you manage to create for WHMCS!"

Written: April 2014


"Very good, the Vendor plugin it's cheap and easy to use."

Written: December 2014


"I have purchased Resource Mailer and it is excellent. I sincerely endorse this product as it will ease lot of time to calculate disk space from WHM and inform it to individual customer."

Written: October 2015